The chemistry has no borders

             Certainly, D. Mendeleev was right when he spoke, that «the chemistry far stretches the hands». And it is valid, in the modern world it is impossible to find area of the industry, technical and household products, range of problems from preservation of the environment and health of people where the chemistry would not be involved. And even, if to analyze past and present innovative achievements of mankind it is possible to ascertain - the majority of them base on chemistry or on her theoretical applied application. Foundation of opening of properties of an atmosphere, secrets of water, aqueous and non-aqueous solutions, laws of occurrence and development of the Universe and life, electronic, nuclear and other materials of superhigh frequency, the theory and practice of applied ecology and electrochemical processes in an alive and lifeless matter, polymer technology and million of organic compounds and medicines - all this is far inexhausted list of fundamental achievements of chemistry.

Modern problems of infiltration into boundless space of micro-and the macrochemical world, forecasting and optimal modeling of a great number of possible transformations of chemical combinations set for chemists difficult task. Even supercomputers reached level of development of mathematics is not enough not for model and count complex chemical-technological systems and chemical-technological processes without essential assumptions.

By the way, the chemistry is very difficult science and demands of special persistence and interest for mastering. With satisfaction and rest all we use materials with a chemical origin: vegetables and fruit, plastic products, a paint, perfumery, beer, wine, potable water, fertilizers, sugar, a medicine, a paper, ball pens and others.

There are at university enthusiasts and workers of chemistry, such as: students, post-graduate students, the teacher and employees of chemical -technological faculty. Last Sunday May together with all country they celebrate the Holiday of the chemist and Day of department, by the way, the first faculty which has begun preparation of engineers-chemists in Russian empire. The collective of faculty, which is one of the most aged at university can be proud by achievement in preparation of highly skilled experts.


Professor I. M. Astrelin

Dean of faculty of chemical-technology