Faculty of Chemical Technology

The faculty of Chemical Technology was one of the four faculties of Kiev Polytechnic Institute founded in 1898. Among the professors of the faculty one could mention M.I.Konovalov, V.B.Timofeyev, M.O.Prilezhayev, L.I. Antzorov, F.N. Stepanov, academicians V.G. Shaposhnikov V.A. Plotnikov and others. Currently the Faculty consists of 8 departments and 8 research laboratories.

Faculty of Chemical Technology of National Technical University of Ukraine "Kiev Polytechnic Institute" (NTUU "KPI") is one of the biggest and most authoritative educational centers in Ukraine. It trains specialists for chemical industry and scientific research institutes . Nearly 300 qualified teachers and scientists are working there. Almost 400 students enter KPI every year and after five and a half years they get Master degree in all branches of chemical industry, which provide for our country with fertilizers and paper, ceramics products, polymer materials and fuel, dyes, drugs, chemical plant and animal protectors. Contemporary chemical engineers are versatile educated. They get basic and special knowledge in chemistry, become familiar with economic, engineer, computer sciences. Faculty of Chemical Technology of NTUU "KPI" trains Bachelors, Masters, and Philosophy Doctors.


NTUU "KPI" education meets the standards of the word-known universities at a reasonable tuition free.

The University has its Preparatory Department where foreign entrants, within 10 months course study Ukrainian, Russian, English, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Biology and other subjects in the scope that is necessary for further mastering of the university program.

On the 160 hectares territory where work and study up to 48000 people , own University safety and security service is operating.

Term of study for different programs:

Preparatory Department for foreign students - 1 year;

Bachelor Degree - 4 years;

Master of Engineering Degree - 5,5 years;

Master of Sciences Degree - 6 years.

Academic year :

Two semesters, which begin September, 1 and February, 10. Winter vacations - 2 weeks, summer vacations - 2 months.

We hope you will be interested in cooperation with our Faculty of Chemical Technology. The preparation on all specialties carries out at the day-time and extra-mural departments, part of them - on the contract bases.

Web-page with Application Form http: //www.kpi.ua

Address: Professor, Dr. Igor M. Astrelin

Head of Chemical Technology Faculty

37, Peremoha av., 03056, Kiev-56, Ukraine,

tel./ fax.(044) 236-9774