Currently the Faculty consists of 8 departments and 8 research laboratories. Main areas of scientific activity: development of modern technologies of new organic, bioorganic, inorganic and composite materials, including pest-control in agriculture, medicines, metal corrosion inhibitors, coagulators, electrochemical sensors, technics in electroplating and devices based on electrochemical principles.

Chemical Technology of Organic Substances

Synthesis, working out, production monomers, polymers, solvents, plant protectors, detergents, drugs, fuels, medicinal preparations, pesticides, corrosion inhibitors, flavoring compounds and other products of organic synthesis.

Technology of Inorganic substances and General chemical technology

Production of basics inorganic synthesis such as ammonia, sparse gases, mineral acids, soda, clay, various salts, catalysts, alkalis ; solving ecology problems of these productions, technology of water purification.

Department of Electrochemical Productions Technology

Department of Electrochemical Productions Technology (EPT) is one of the main departments of the faculty. It was founded in 1929 year. The head of the chair was Rabinovich M.A. Scientific achievements of Antropov L.I. and his followers have gained high international estimation. The Antropov’s textbook «Theoretical electrochemistry» had become a reference book for many electrochemists. World electrochemical community names Antropov L.I. among 12 scientists who has founded modern electrochemistry, and his school is one of the leading electrochemical in the world.

Chemical Technology of Ceramics and Glass

Engineering and production of various types of building materials (ceramic, glass, etc.), the hydrophobic coatings infliction, bricks production; building and other types of ceramics, radioceramics; technical and consumer glass, crystal and glassware, etc.

Chemical Technology Composite Materials

Plastic, elastomers, composers and other materials production: plastisoles, foam and adhesive materials, laminates material - based, protective coatings and etc.

Physical Chemistry

General Chemistry

Cybernetics of Chemical Technology Processes

Department of Cybernetics of Chemical Technology Processes - Direction of Educatoin: Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies. Speciality: Computer Integrated Technological Processes and Productions