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Chemistry has no boundaries


Astrelin   Of course, Dmitriy Mendeleev was right, when he said that "chemistry extends its hands far." Indeed, in today's world it is not that difficult - it is impossible to find industry, technical and mundane products, tasks for environmental protection and human health, which would not involve chemistry, chemical science and chemical technology.

Even if we look at the past and real breakthrough innovative achievements of mankind without fear or favour, we can state that most of them, if not all, are based on chemistry or its theoretical application. The cornerstone of the discovery of the properties of the atmosphere, the mysteries of water, aqueous and non-aqueous solutions, patterns of origin and development of the universe and life, nanotechnology and fullerenes, electronic, nuclear and other ultra-high purity materials, theory and practice of applied ecology and electrochemical processes in living, lifeless technology polymers and millions in number and application of organic compounds, drugs - all this is a far from exhaustive list of fundamental achievements of chemistry.

Modern problems of penetration into the boundless space of micro- and macrochemical world, predictive and optimal modeling of many possible transformations of chemical compounds pose a task to chemists, several orders of magnitude more complex than those that arise, for example, in long-term forecasting of meteorological phenomena. Not for nothing, the achieved level of development of mathematics and the power of even supercomputers is clearly not enough to model and calculate complex chemical-technological systems and chemical-technological processes without significant assumptions.

By the way, chemistry is a very complex science and requires special perseverance to master it. With pleasure and peace we all use materials of chemical origin: vegetables and fruits, plastic products, varnishes, paint, perfumes, beer, wine, drinking water, fertilizers, sugar, medicines, paper, ballpoint pens, etc.

There are enthusiasts and chemists at the university - students, graduate students, teachers and staff of the Faculty of Chemical Technology. On the last Sunday of May, together with the whole country, they celebrate the Chemist's Day and HTF Day, by the way, the first faculty in the former Russian Empire to start training chemical engineers. The staff of the faculty - the leading among similar faculties of Ukraine and one of the oldest at the university - has something to be proud of: its achievements in the training of highly qualified specialists and in science are recognized in the country and in the world.

Professor Igor Astrelin,
Dean of the Faculty 2000 - 2020, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine