General information about admission

The Faculty of Chemical Technology prepares bachelors, masters and doctors of philosophy in the specialty 161 Chemical Technology and Engineering in the following educational programs:

Bachelor's programs:

  • Chemical technologies of inorganic substances and water treatment
  • Chemical technologies of organic substances
  • Electrochemical technologies of inorganic and organic materials
  • Chemical technologies of inorganic ceramic materials
  • Chemical technologies of inorganic and organic binders and composite materials
  • Chemical technologies of cosmetics and food additives

Briefle about External Independent Evaluation Certificates (ZNO) Enrollment Campaign

Stages of the enrollment campaign and the list of competitive subjects

Master's programs:

  • Chemical technologies of inorganic, electrode materials and water treatment
  • Chemistry and technology of organic materials
  • Chemical technologies of inorganic and organic binders and composite materials

More about second level enrollment campaign

Educational and scientific program of the doctor of philosophy:

  • Chemical technology and engineering

More about third level enrollment compaign

Applications for full-time and part-time forms of study for PR "Bachelor", "Master" and "Doctor of Philosophy" are held in the summer in electronic form, except as provided by the rules of admission.


You can get acquainted with the conditions of study, household issues (living in a dormitory, medical care, leisure, etc.), international programs, places of practice and future work on the pages About HTF, Education, Science, Student Life and Partnership.

The list of documents for admission to KPI. Igor Sikorsky, terms of admission, the schedule of the admissions committee and other information can be found on the website of the admissions committee.

Chemical-technological faculty of KPI named after Igor Sikorsky is located at: 03056, Kyiv, Peremohy Avenue, 37, building № 4 (chemical building) and building № 21. The HTF selection committee is located in building № 16 (Admissions Committee), 4th floor, room № 147/2 . Phone for inquiries: +38063 659 51 78, e-mail: