Department of Electrochemical Productions Technology

Department of Electrochemical Productions Technology (EPT) is one of the main departments of the faculty. It was founded in 1929 year. The head of the chair was Rabinovich M.A. Scientific achievements of Antropov L.I. and his followers have gained high international estimation. The Antropov’s textbook «Theoretical electrochemistry» had become a reference book for many electrochemists. World electrochemical community names Antropov L.I. among 12 scientists who has founded modern electrochemistry, and his school is one of the leading electrochemical in the world.

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  Today at the department students receive ground knowledge in electrochemical theory, material science, development of new technologies and new materials; development of new corrosion protection technologies.

    Specialists are able to solve industrial problems, conduct ecological monitoring of the environment, introduce in manufacture new corrosion monitoring instruments, which are based on developed corrometers, design new types of sensors, introduce new electroplating technologies, conduct researches in the field of related technologies.

   Admission is carried out specializations «Electrochemical technology» 

Educational form: daily and distant.

Education period: 
bachelor – 4 years; 
specialist – 1,5 year; 
master – 2 years.

Students of the department are able to get a double diploma.

Students have an opportunity after the IV year (bachelor degree) to gain a double masters diploma, that is to study simultaneously in NTUU “KPI” and in University of du’Men (Le-Man city, France). Thereby, after graduation students gain Ukrainian and France diploma. For double diploma students – education in France is free of charge. Students can learn French at special courses before going to France.

Additionally to the main speciality students are able to gain a diploma in economics, law or management.

Graduating students are placed at chemical, machine building, instrument making, radio-electronic enterprises and other industrial enterprises. They are also placed at research institutes of Kiev and other Ukrainian cities.


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