Main information

The faculty consists of 8 departments, 6 of which train bachelors and masters, and two scientific-research laboratories.

The main branches of scientific activity of the faculty include the development of modern chemical technologies, preparation of drinking water, purification of contaminated water, neutralization of gaseous emissions, utilization of industrial wastes, synthesis of nano-materials and nano-technologies.

The students of the Faculty live in a modern dormitory (146 Borshchagovskaya Str.) and all students from other than Kyiv towns get accommodation. The students are also offered a library, sports centre, health and recreation centre, health resorts and recreation camps.

It is impossible to imagine that a huge team of young people can do without creative associations. The KPI cultural life is developing all the time. The students of our faculty are engaged in various societies and sports groups. They take an active part in such university contests as «Mister KPI», «Club of the Cheerful and Sharp-witted», «KPI Queen».

We suggest free education. Our students can obtain one more specialty (a lawyer, economist, manager) as well as the second master’s degree in the leading universities of France, Germany, Sweden, the USA, the Republic of Korea, Norway etc.


The Faculty Dean, the Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Honoured Master of Sciences and Engineering of Ukraine, Professor І. М. Astrelin

tel.   +38044 236-97-74

         +38044 204-82-11

                   +38044 204-98-85



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