About Faculty

Dean : Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Honoured Master of Sciences and Engineering of Ukraine, Professor І. М. Astrelin

Address : 03056, app. 226, 245, Ave Peremohy, 37, bld. 4
Tel/fax (044) 236-97-74
e-maіl: i.m.astrelin@xtf.kpi.ua

Web-site: http://xtf.kpi.ua

Information Package

departments of the Chemical-Technological Faculty

Department of Technology of Inorganic substances and General chemical technology, http://tnr.kpi.ua
Department of Organic Chemistry and Technology of Organic Substances, http://orgchem.xtf.kpi.ua
Department of Electrochemical Productions Technology, http://electrochemistry.kpi.ua
Department of General and Inorganic  Chemistry, http://kznh.kpi.ua
Department of Physical Chemistry , http://kfh.kpi.ua
Department of Chemical Technology Composite Materials, http://htkm.kpi.ua/
Department of Chemical Technology of Ceramics and Glass, http://htks.xtf.kpi.ua

The Chemical-Technological Faculty was born together with the Institute in 1898. From the earliest days till now the faculty belongs to the most respected institutions in the world chemical science due to the contributions made by the distinguished scientist.