Regulations on the organization of the educational process in the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

The regulations are the main regulatory document governing the organization and conduct of the educational process in the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Instituteaccording to the state standards of higher education.

The regulations have been developed on the basis of:

  • Laws of Ukraine "On Education" and "On Higher Education";
  • Presidential Decrees from 16.06.95 p. Number 451/95, 01/27/99, the Number 70/99 from 28.01.2000, the Number 109/2000 from 01.08.2000, the Number 943/2000 "Regulations on the national institutions of Ukraine".
  • Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine:
    • of 05.09.1996 p. Number 1074 "Regulations on the state higher education institutions";
    • of 20.01.1997 p. Number 38 (№ 1264 from 14.11.97 was, № 547 of 04.06.99 was) "list of paid services that can be provided by public schools";
    • on 07.08.1998, the № 1247 "On the development of state standards of the higher education";
    • of 09.09.2001 p. Number 978 "Regulations on the accreditation of the higher education institutions and professions";
    • of 29.11.2001, the № 1614 "Regulation on inspection of the educational institutions";
    • on 29.09.2003, the № 1380 "On licensing of the educational services".
  • Order of the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine:
    • of 02.06.1993 p. Number 161 "Regulations on the organization of the educational process in higher education";
    • of 08.12.1995 p. Number 340 (from 03.01.96, № 1/1026) "Regulation on the organization of external studies at higher educational institutions of Ukraine";
    • on 06.06.1996, the Number 191/153 "Regulations on academic leave and re-learning in higher education institutions";
    • of 07.08.2002 p. № 450 "On approval of rules of time for planning and recording of training and lists the main types of technical, scientific and organizational work of teachers and teaching staff of higher education institutions";
    • of 15.07.1996 p. Number 245 "Regulations on the order of transfer, expulsion and renewal of students in higher education institutions";
    • on 31.07.1998, the № 285 "On the development of components of the regulatory and scientific methods of training specialists with higher education".
  • Charter "KPI"

Details of the organization of educational process

Bachelor Degree

Master Degree