Academic Programms

Courses and specialities of professionals in Chemical-Technology Faculty:

6.051301 Chemical Technology (Bachelor’s Degree)

    7(8).05130101 Chemical Technology of Inorganic Compounds (Master’s Degree)

    7(8).05130102 Chemical Technology of Organic Compounds (Master's Degree) 

    7(8).05130103 Technical Electrochemistry (Master's Degree)

    7(8).05130104 Chemical Technology of Hard Melting Nonmetal and Silicate Materials (Master's Degree)

    7(8).05130107 Chemical Technology of Polymer and Composite Materials Processing (Master's Degree)

6.050202 Automation and computer integrated technologies (Bachelor’s Degreeр)

    7(8).05020202 Computer integrated processes and manufacturing (Master's Degree)

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