Master's Programs

Master's Programs:

Chemical Technology of Inorganic Compounds ans Water treatment

  • Inorganic technology is in the basis of getting potable water, sewage treatment, ecological catalysis, neutralization and disposal of wastes and emissions, i.e. the creation of environmentally friendly processes and technologies to protect the environment from anthropogenic pollution.

Chemical Technology of Organic Compounds

  • The graduates of the Department have sufficient knowledge to work in the companies dealing with heavy and fine organic synthesis, which produce the abovementioned products, as engineering technicians and staff at technology laboratories, factories and commercial firms.

Electrochemical technologies of inorganic and organic materials

  • Electrochemistry is the science of transforming chemical and electrical energy which studies the processes running at the interface. The students obtaining this specialty learn numerous technological processes based on these transformations. The Department provides reliable employment of the graduates in the companies of electronic, engineering and aircraft industries, as well as scientific establishments of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Chemical technologies of inorganic ceramic materials

  • Such a complicated name implies the speciality that allows to have good understanding of construction materials production techniques (cement, gypsum, lime) and of their application (different types of dry construction mixtures pack mortar, concretes, lime-sand brick). It is obvious that this specialty will always be needed in all regions of Ukraine.
  • Such industries as machine-building, building materials, electronics, power engineering (particularly nuclear power engineering) require materials with unique properties on the base of inorganic ceramic materials and glass ceramic materials.

Chemical technologies of inorganic and organic binders and composite materials

  • It is difficult to imagine modern life without polymer materials. The graduates can work in the companies dealing with plastics recycling and elastomers, the production of containers and packaging, polymer products for industrial and domestic purposes.

Chemical technologies of cosmetics and food additives

  • Students acquire professional knowledge in the field of analytical research of the quality of food additives and cosmetics, which is guaranteed to allow them to become the founders of new competitive campaigns in the market of perfumes and cosmetics, detergents, food additives. Graduates work in leading Ukrainian and global companies.