Technology of Inorganic substances and General chemical technology

Production of basics inorganic synthesis such as ammonia, sparse gases, mineral acids, soda, clay, various salts, catalysts, alkalis ; solving ecology problems of these productions, technology of water purification.

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 supports creative connections to other TIS departments of Ukraine;

*      cooperates with universities of former USSR;

*      takes active part in international conferences, seminars, symposiums;

organized two scientific conferences on problems chemical technology of inorganic substances.


Undergraduate programme

As the students progresses through the programme the courses taken become more specialized. TIS & GCT offers undergraduate programmes in “Chemical technology of adsorbents|, catalysts, catalytic processes and inorganic synthesis” and “Chemical technology of water purification, neutralization and recycling of inorganic manufacturing waste”.

Degrees are offered at the BSc level in Chemical Technology and Engineering, the MSc and PhD levels in "Chemical technology of inorganic substances".


Research and Development (R&D)

*      new types of catalysts for petrochemistry, ecological catalysis, inorganic and organic synthesis;

*      water treatment and wastewater clearing;

*      complex chemical processing of poor raw material and recycling of manufacturing waste.

After studies

Post graduate students work in workshops and laboratories of chemical industry; academic and particular branch research institutes|institution|, administrative structures, design and ecological departments, higher education, commercial and other nongovernmental establishments. The received knowledge allows PG to continue studying and receiving PhD not only in Ukraine but also in Abroad.


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